5 Things Successful People Do, You May Not be Doing (Yet)

Success is defined differently depending on who is doing the defining. But whichever definition of success you subscribe to, it is a goal we are all striving for, often find frustratingly elusive. There is no sure road and no one way up the mountain. There are well known paths, replete with road signs, maps, and personal tour guides. There are rural roads, less traveled and riddled with hidden dangers, but appealing to pioneers with a thirst for blazing new trails. If you find yourself walking in circles and getting no closer to the mountain top, here are five impediments that may be holding you back.

Here are 5 Things that Successful People are Doing, You May Not be Doing (yet):  

1. You are not solution focused. 

Proactive motion is the only way to traverse roadblocks. Successful people have little time for blame,  or complaining; they are too busy seeing an opportunity where others see a problem. Kick it into solution mode when faced with a challenge. 

2. You are more concerned with being comfortable or being right, than being effective.

Successful people are not afraid to test themselves and take calculated risks that push them outside their comfort zone. They are undeterred by the growing pains of trying new things. They trade in security and ease for the chance to exceed their expectations, and create their own destiny. They are unfazed  by trial and error, and see no shame in being wrong. Instead, they learn from their mistakes and use them to build a staircase to their dreams.

3. You do not understand your core values and what you really want. 

Those who have reached the pinnacle of Success have realized what is important to them and crafted a life that embraces their values. Success is more fluid when you love what you do and your beliefs are in alignment  with your actions. Many successful people say they would get up every day and go to work no matter what their salary. Many started working for free as they bootstrapped to build their business. They are following their passion, driven by purpose, and playing to their strengths and talents.

4. You lack the resilience to make it over the wall, through the ditch, out of the sand trap, to the other side. 

The road to success is bumpy, rife with disillusionment and disappointment. But, the only way to get to the summit is to keep trudging, even when you don’t have the energy or motivation. One foot in front of the other, step after step. There are no short cuts. Try and enjoy the journey, but when there is no joy to be had, keep walking anyway—your dreams await you on the other side.

5. You are resistant to change. Successful people are masters of adaptation.

In our fast paced, technologically-driven world, it is more important than ever to embrace constant transformation. Strengthen your ability to process new information, adapt to new technologies, and create new systems. Have a mindset of innovation over imitation. 

As the saying goes, if it was easy then everyone would do it. Success is hard to pin down. Some people spend a lifetime in its pursuit. But rest assured, the struggles of today will be the times you look back on in the future that will fill you with satisfaction and joy.