Big Deadline and your Creative Mojo is Missing?

When I sit down at my computer desk, adjust my posture, take a deep breath, and begin tapping the keys with focused intensity, I soon enter “the zone”. When I’m in it, I don’t hear the dogs barking, have no idea how much time has passed, and often won’t hear the phone ringing or someone calling my name]. I’m deep in my groove and there is little else that happens on the periphery of my screen that will distract me.

But every now and then comes a time when I smack into that brick wall us creative types call “Writer’s Block”. When I need to get my groove back, sitting in my front of my computer is the last place I can find it. I need a change of scenery. I have a list of places and activities that work best for summoning my creative mojo. In the hope that it might prove helpful when your creative juices evaporate, I’ll share a few of mine. I have to leave the computer and not take anything to write with. You may want to bring your smartphone or a little digital recorder in case your mojo returns in a tidal wave of thought, forms an idea monsoon, and you need to document it before it washes out to sea. Personally, it helps me to empty my mind of whatever I’m working on, and let it simmer in my subconscious.

  • Walk the Dogs.  I’ll be bending over to scoop some poop and WAM…an idea will hit when I least expect it.


  • Get a pedicure. Maybe it’s because I’m so relaxed that my writer’s anxiety dissipates, but I’ve become “unstuck” while my toes are getting some love in the chair at the nail salon on too many occasions to count.


  • Working out. Whether it’s on a  cardio dance workout, yoga, or lifting weights, when I get out of my head and focus on my physical movements, I often get unstuck.


  • Hiking. When you’re out in nature with no distractions it can be the perfect place to reconnect with the channel through which inspirations flows from the universe into the vibrations of your thoughts.

  • Shopping. If you’re into mall shopping, take a stroll through your local mall. If you dig trendy boutique shopping, go to the fashion district in your city. Shopping is the perfect combination of relaxation and walking for me. When I turn my creativity to hip outfits, funky accessories, or art for my home it often ends up firing up my writer’s mojo in the process.

Where do you go looking for your inspiration when your muse is playing hide and seek?

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