“Living Things” Serves Delicious Thrills


When horror writer and filmmaker Eric Shapiro turns his knack for ghastly drama to the grisly topic of animal cruelty, differing opinions turn to bloodlust. In his latest feature film Shapiro pits a vegan, yoga instructor against her blue collar father-in-law who harbors a distaste for new ideas and a lust for red meat. Tensions typically fly fast and fierce between opposing sides of the meat-eating argument. When you add family dynamics to the recipe, an already emotionally-charged debate becomes prelude to a ravenous apetite for revenge.

Living Things explores the morality, ethics, health effects, and environmental issues of veganism and vegetarianism. This PETA-endorsed film balances engaging drama with intelligent debate to have you challenging conventional beliefs while anxiously perching on the edge of your seat.

For Rhona veganism is a matter of putting conscience before comfort. Actress Rhoda Jordan, who plays the usually peace-loving “Rhona” ,and Ben Siegler, the anti-intellectual, ultra-masculine “Leo“ ,are the centerpiece of this slowly simmering, dinner table narrative. They spar, first courteously, but soon their jabs reach a boiling point.  The match intensifies until it erupts into a deliciously startling finale. Whichever side of the table you sit on in this controversial discussion, you are sure to get a hefty serving of thought-provoking entertainment from Living Things.


URL: www.livingthingsthemovie.com

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Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kKF2H6qgpc