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21 Millennials Share Their Astounding Stories Based On The Success Principles Of Napoleon Hill

21 Millennials Share Their Astounding Stories Based On The Success Principles Of Napoleon Hill


I sharpened my story skills over years of slicing into narratives across TV, the web, social and print. My white-knuckled grasp of storytelling principles is carpel-tunnel level.

Not to brag, or just to humble brag, I have bylines for national and local media. A story for my article for the Humane Society’s national publication was used to draft a bill for animal rights. I still feel warm and fuzzy over that one. Unless it’s the convenience store sushi I ate for lunch, which is definitely a possibility.

I am in my element reaching out to editors with story pitches that are so viral they pose a serious pandemic threat. The CDC has been called more than once in response.

I am the consummate collaborator. Your teams will find me harder to quit than carbs. I will mesmerize them with my prolific ideation skills, writing versatility and magnetic smile. Ok, the first two at least.

I  worked on a hit TV reality show. Contrary to popular belief, most of these shows are light on reality, so creating character and story arcs were a big part of the gig.

I am fluent in social media content. I speak Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin with a native accent. Drop me into the middle of the information superhighway and I can find my way back home with only a smartphone and a can opener.  Actually, make that a wine opener.

Having interviewed top level CEOs and politicians on camera, I am comfortable presenting to busy executives and clients in a way that inspires confidence and makes efficient use of their time. I’m a best-selling non-fiction author with experience prepping executives for speaking engagements and ghostwriting blog posts, longer form content pieces, and books.

My event marketing highlights include: : Official 2011 Las Vegas Mashable Social Media Day event with keynote by then Mashable CTO, Fredrick Townes, Official 2012 Las Vegas Foursquare Day event, and Zappos “Downtown Project” coverage.

My all-star game for developing content that makes readers miss their commuter trains because they are too entrenched in the story to look up will make me your most valuable writer. You may feel inspired to get me my own uniform and an athletic shoe contract.

My emotional intelligence is Mensa level. I navigate changing deadlines, rearranging priorities, and endless rewrites with aplomb.

I can roll up sleeves and flex my creative muscles with: 

TV Screenplays and Video Scripts + Social Media Content + Fiction + Poetry +Non-Fiction + Blogs + Books + Web and Ad Copy  + Marketing Content + Comedy Writing