Published Columns

Sincerely, Sara

Sincerly, Sara is a weekly advice column bringing practical clarity to questions of Work, Life, and Relationships.

Sara in the City

Sara in the City is a multi-media column comprised of two parts–video interview and written article. The column covers Social Good and the Arts and Entertainment for the Las Vegas Informer.


In Other Words:

My first endeavor as a columnist was for L.A. based,  online publication, CWG Magazine. My column In Other Words contributed commentary on the pressing domestic and international issues of the time. *Currently offline but available for review upon request.

  • Journey of Redemption
  • When Military Contractors Go Wild Pt.I
  • Military Contractors Gone Wild Wild Pt.II
  • No Democracy in Afghanistan without Women’s Rights
  • Soldiers Fight for Freedom Abroad, but Denied Freedom at Home
  • Your Tax Dollars Funding Crime and Corruption in Afghanistan
  • Fear and Loathing Replacing Fact and Logic